Comics: A Possible Way of Learning?

When we hear the word funnies the primary thing that would ring a bell is something entertaining and in some ways we would consider the picture of Popeye or some super legends like Superman and Spider Man…. When we hear the word funnies the primary thing that would ring a bell is something entertaining and in some ways we would consider the picture of Popeye or some super saints like Superman and Spider Man. A few funnies, for example, Tintin or Asterix have turned out to be popular to the point that they are converted into a wide range of dialects. The word comic starts from the Greek word komikos which implies comic drama and from the Latin word comicus that implies portraying a grouping of pictures.Comics are represented stories that pass on a story or a discussion through pictures and ordinarily it is given short portrayals and discourse among the characters – thus it is simpler to peruse contrasted with whatever other perusing materials.


It can get the readers’ intrigue even just by taking a gander at the photos and some set number of words. Beside these reasons, perusing funnies require less exertion and deduction than perusing a novel or a long story without any photos. In a few zones of the Philippines, individuals found a decent approach to make a benefit out of funnies. A few Filipinos would store a major volume of funnies and lease it out for a couple of pesos. The more seasoned the funnies are, the better the pay. Numerous Filipino films are started from funnies. As are some American motion pictures, for example, Spider Man and Astroboy.

It usually manages entertaining circumstance. A few researchers differ about the correct meaning of funnies, however. Some trust its printed format is unequivocal, some said both pictures and the content are given accentuation and others said it’s the succession of the story that is being introduced. In the mid twentieth century, funnies were considered as an exceptionally powerful medium in the United States for dispersing data and a method for stimulation. From that time on, funnies fever was irresistible, it was expanded broadly everywhere throughout the world. These days, funnies are ordinarily found in daily papers, comic books, magazines, realistic books and on the web.Comics are a decent wellspring of excitement. Typically, funnies can be found in the excitement area of the daily paper.

Many people are truly very irritated when there is a change of characters or circumstance in the film adjustment. So motion picture producers truly endeavor to search for duplicates of these famous funnies to take after the correct story line and accumulate more data about the stories of the characters and the clarification of the missing plot in the real film.But why do individuals including youthful grown-ups truly get a kick out of the chance to peruse funnies? What benefits do they get from perusing funnies? What are the impacts of this on the kids? Might kids be abstained from perusing comics?Most of the time funnies are created exclusively for the enjoyment of youngsters. What is evident, however,  is that acquainting funnies with youngsters is useful for the funnies business as well as for the kids as well.  Educators realize that funnies are utilized to impact kids into perusing writing and it urges them to compose and get their own stories. In the end, these kids will grow up acknowledging perusing and will soon continue getting a charge out of perusing materials like books, educational books and will even prompt to them building up their